Big News: Perqs (perks) policy also needed

The Story Last week I noted that the Ontario Children’s Aid Society got into trouble when its Executive Director was reimbursed for expenses that were not eligible for reimbursement or were not adequately documented. The Board of Directors acknowledged its lack of due diligence and promised to do better. That BIG Ideas newsletter article went on to describe what was acceptable and what... Read More

2015 Results and 2016 Predictions from NostraThomas

NostraThomas made his debut last year at this time. A dedicated seer, he lept into the breach of prediction, unafraid to follow in the footsteps of Maggie the Monkey or to get close to the tentacles of Paul the Octopus, prognosticators he admired and whose success he hoped to emulate. 2015 in review For 2015 NostraThomas made three bold predictions. Here they are, along with the results, one year... Read More

Big News: Flying to Dryden? It better be about the destination!

Periodically I am lucky enough to be invited to do work in Northwestern Ontario. Years ago it was Community Living Fort Frances and Harmony Centre in Red Lake, among others, who asked for assistance. Last year it was Literacy Northwest in Thunder Bay. In early October of this year I got to go to Dryden and work with the Local Service System Management Table. Attending were representatives from... Read More

CAS problem has lesson for Boards and Executive Directors too

The Story Ontario’s Auditor General identified an important issue in its 2015 annual report. Speaking about the province’s Children’s Aid Societies, it said: “The board of directors of each Children’s Aid Society should ensure that it oversees Society expenditures with sufficient care to ensure that funds are spent appropriately on child protection services”. Given a chance to respond... Read More

Board training pays off

I had a nice note from Sharon Creighton, President of Community Living Central Huron, after providing CLCH’s Board of Directors, along with two representatives ofCommunity Living Kincardine, with my three hour Governance by BIG Ideas training session. During our time together we also developed an action plan for the Board to be used to enhance its governance of the organization. Sharon... Read More

Survey Results: Informed but not involved

Should Boards of Directors have any involvement in senior management hires by Executive Directors? That was the question posed in last week’s BIG Ideas survey.   Your answer was overwhelmingly that Boards should “be apprised of senior management hires by the Executive Director related to due diligence, skills and experience and be able to comment, but without the right to say no to a... Read More